Investment Criteria

Minimum equity investment is $250,000 with a maximum of $2,500,000.  An investment decision is handed down typically three to four weeks after we have thoroughly reviewed your Private Placement Memorandum and associated business information.

Vergent Capital, LLC strives to invest in a cross-section of global industrial and service businesses which typically exhibit the following attributes:

  • Innovative, profit driven, experienced Founder/CEO.
  • Talented and experienced management team.
  • Product or service that makes sense.
  • Strong market positions and product portfolio.
  • Stable cash-flows.
  • High returns on internally invested capital.
  • Attractive prospects for organic or acquisition-based growth.
  • Sustainable ROI.
  • Buy-out in three to four years.
  • Presentation of a professional, tight, concise Private Placement Memorandum.
  • Pro-forma statements that don’t go off the chart.


What we are not looking for:

  • An ‘Emergency’ Capital Investment.
  • Equity over 30-40% - you keep control of the company. Make it reasonable.
  • Day-to-day responsibilities – You run the company.
  • An email pen pal during the due diligence or after the investment – provide update every quarter.
  • Excessive Founder/ Key Management compensation.